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Get Your Own Personal Collection of TMNT, Ninja Warrior and Naruto Accessories!

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Are you a huge fan of Naruto, Ninja Warriors or Ninja Turtles? Well if you are, here is your chance to collect all customized accessories of your favourite Ninja and Naruto characters!

From Ninja Turtle printed T-shirts to Naruto printed phone-case; you can find all kinds of custom Naruto, TMNT and Ninja warrior accessories at our website. Here are some of the most amazing collections of Naruto, Ninja Warrior and TMNT custom accessories available for you at our online shop.


Building Blocks and Action Figures

Building blocks are one of the best leisure activities for children. Also, working with these blocks boosts up their mental power. Here at Ninjahaus, we have a variety of Ninja warrior, TMNT and Naruto building block sets such as Ninja Temple building blocks, Ninja Dragon Building Blocks, Naruto Shippuden Figures Building Blocks, Ninja Turtle Vehicle Model Blocks and many more.

We also have a large collection of Naruto, Ninja Warrior and TMNT Action Figures. These figures can be played with or can be decorated in the room. These Action Figures are one of our best selling products.


Pillowcases and Stickers

A digitally printed Naruto or TMNT pillowcase is the best room décor solution for Naruto and Ninja Turtle fans. Another great room décor idea for them is to stick Ninja Turtles wall stickers and posters around the room.

We have a large collection of digitally printed Naruto and Ninja Turtles pillowcases with more than 20 different designs of Ninja Turtle pillowcases. These vibrantly coloured digital printed pillowcases will surely give your room a fabulous look. 

T-Shirts and Costumes

The best way you can prove yourself a Ninja lover is to wear a Ninja Turtles T-shirt! And if you are a Naruto fan, we’ve got 3D Anime Naruto Hoodie for you and lots of other Naruto themed hoodies and T-shirts.

Good news for kids, we have Ninja Warrior costumes for the little Ninja Warriors! There are also Ninjago Hoodie sweatshirts and pajamas for the little Ninjago fans.

You can choose from our collection of Ninja Turtles digital printed T-shirts. These are made of polyester or spandex and are available in four different sizes.



Phone Cases

Do you want to change your old boring phone case? Well if you are a Naruto fan, why not get a customised Naruto print Phone Case? Our fabulous collection of Naruto and TMNT printed Phone Cases will give your phone a touch of your personal favourite characters.


Bags, Purses and Wallets

Why wouldn’t a Ninja lover want a customized Ninja bag that looks stylish too! And for Naruto fans, a spectacular Naruto Eye casual backpack!

We have some stunning bag, purse and wallet collections including Cool Ninja Turtles Wallet, Ninja Warrior coin storage pouches, Ninja Turtle backpacks, stylish Naruto wallets and many more others.


Apart from all these collections, we have other cool customised Naruto Ninja and TMNT accessories you would love to have like caps, keychains, jewellery, mugs, lanyards, Naruto metal fidget spinners and many other accessories that you would love to add to your collection and also you can gift them to your loved ones.


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