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How I Grow My Crypto By 1% Daily and Receive Constant Passive Income!

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Hello. I have always been a cryptocurrency enthusiast, partly due to my background in the financial sector. However, with most cryptocurrencies trading at their lowest, and the market remaining bearish for some time, I was confused on how to secure my crypto from the volatility in the market.

So, I embarked on trawling the web for any cryptocurrency news. I was seriously searching for the best investment opportunities. Then I came across WestLand Storage (WLS). A company that promised to offer profits to its investors, regardless of the cryptocurrency price.

I was intrigued by the prospect of being cushioned from the dwindling prices of cryptocurrencies. But what really drew me was the fact that with my crypto investment, I was guaranteed of a 1% daily lifelong dividend on my investment. By investing in WestLand Storage I was to acquire a shareholding in real estate investments across the globe. Actually, I could tokenize a real estate project and earn from it!

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I had some Dogecoin (DOGE) and Ripple (XRP) coins in my wallet. But the pessimist in me could not allow me to invest them immediately. So I decided to try their bounty program which allows you to earn without investing. I was like, “let me try this and see if I can earn some WLS tokens.” Sure enough, immediately I signed and completed the tasks as instructed, I had 120 WLS!

The good thing about WLS is that it allows all first-time investors to receive promo codes whenever they deposit their money in WLS.  With promo codes, you can increase the amount of your investment. To use it, simply enter it in a special line when investing funds and after you transfer funds, the amount of your investment will increase by an amount depending on the type of promo code. The increment can either be 3%, 5% or 10%.

Buoyed by the confidence I had gained from the WLS bounty tokens, on July 07, 2018, I decided to move my 10,787.76330098 DOGE from my other wallet to WestLand Storage. And, I made use of my promo code to ensure that I get the 3% extra DOGE. On July 08, 2018, I checked my account to ascertain whether I had gained my dividends. Surprisingly, I had an additional 55.55698100 DOGE. But I was like “how come I only made a 0.5% dividend?” Quickly scouring through the website, I realized that over the weekends, the company offers a 0.5% dividend. Okay, “so this WestLand Storage thing is real!” I exclaimed. It didn’t end there. On July 09, 2018, my investment had grown to 11,166.953181 DOGE. A remarkable 3% increment.

My investment in DOGE ignited my thirst to invest more crypto into WestLand Storage. Hence, on July 09, 2018, I decided to also move my XRP to WestLand Storage. XRP was the game changer because I used my promo code too. From my 195.372 investment, I gained 9.7686 XRP to hit 205.1406 XRP. A cool 5% increase! And now I assured of a 1% daily increase!

The success of WLS was phenomenal. The typical me, with a nose for smelling opportunities, could not keep quiet. I had to share the news with friends. By now I knew that WestLand Storage had an affiliate program which I really needed to exploit. Within two to three days of joining the program, I have shared its success story on Twitter and Facebook. The results? I have already managed to rope in seven (7) new investors!

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Now I can rest assured that my cryptocurrency investment is not affected by volatility in the market. I can sleep knowing that I am assured of 1% increment in my cryptocurrencies every day! I know that, over time, my investment will gradually accumulate to a huge fortune. What’s more, I can also make some passive income from the affiliate Westland Storage program.

This is my story. This is how I have grown my crypto and how they will continue to grow. You can also grow yours and make a guaranteed 1% daily dividend. So, what are you waiting for? Grow your crypto with Westland Storage. Yes, Join Westland Storage and watch your crypto grow every day!

I would like to highly thank Westland Storage for their support throughout the period I have been with them.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact them.

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